• Michael Jäger, Austria
    Michael Jäger is a professional photographer of comets. 1998 he discovered a comet, which is named after him: P/1998U3 Jäger. His comet ist periodic and has a orbital period of 13 years. Michael Jäger is the best comet photographer in the world.
  • Dr. Antonio Fernadez, Spain
    "The brilliant optic and the superb workmanship provide me with an imaging standard I never reached before."
  • Emil Ivanonv, Bulgaria
    "I am extremely pleased to be on of the first users of the DDM 85 mount. It's innovative technology in combination with well known ASA N12 Astrograph gave me the opportunity to go into the field of deep sky photography. Bringing to the amatours this professional pieces of quipment is something for which ASA deserves admiration!"
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