H-Serie Astrograph

ASA H200 Astrograph 8″ f 2.8

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The focuser (OK3Z) is suitable for heavy cameras up to 6kg and permanently mounted on the astrograph. The corrector lenses are integrated in order to keep the collimated focuser system of this extremely rapid opening ratio stable.

The astrograph of the H-Series are initially only in 8-inch in production. Because they are lightweight and compact, they are ideal for mobile astrophotographer.

Wide field pictures of the night sky can be made very quickly and in high resolution. This fact made the 8-inch hyperbolic ASA telescope of choice for the professional project of Super Wasp II, a program for the search for EXO-planets, which is supported by eight universities, including the Universities of Geneva, Leicester, Queens Belfast, Warwick and the German Space Agency DLR at Berlin.

The twelve hyperbolic ASA Astrograph will work in a park in the immediate vicinity of the VLT at Paranal in Chile.


Aperture: 200 mm
Focal length: 560 mm
Secondary: 100 mm
Focuser: ASA-OK3Z (mit Controller PC-Version inkl. Software)
Corrector: 3KORRH8
FOV: 60 mm
Tube: CFK-Sandwich


  • Perfect corrected field of view of 60mm
  • Extremely strong light – short exposure time and excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • Hyperbolic primary mirror and fix integrated corrector provide extremely high resolution
  • Extremely lightweight and compact – hence portable


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