ASA400 Ritchey–Chrétien G f8

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ASA400 Ritchey–Chrétien (RC) telescopes are used by observatories, research institutions and universities. Our telescopes are designed by Philipp Keller. The telescopes are made in open truss construction style with CFK-tubes and precision optic from ASA Optics. In combination with a focal reducer or field flattener designed by Philipp Keller, these instruments can also be used for large CCD sensors with diameters of 150mm and more and still display pin point stars all the way to the corners.

  • Optic design by Dipl.Phys. Philipp Keller
  • RC optic design
  • Fused silica optics from ASA
  • Optional available are field flattener and focal reducer optimized for the given telescope
  • Suitable for remote observing
  • Manufactured with the latest in CNC technology in conjunction with high strength carbon fibre


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Bildgalerie ASA H8

Bildgalerie ASA 8″ H

Bildgalerie ASA N8

Bildgalerie ASA 8″ N

Bildgalerie ASA N10

Bildgalerie ASA 10″ N

Bildgalerie ASA N12

Bildgalerie ASA 12″ N

Bildgalerie ASA N16

Bildgalerie ASA 16″ N

Bildgalerie ASA N20

Bildgalerie ASA 20″ N

Bildgalerie Cassegrain/RC

Bildgalerie Cassegrain/RC


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