Customer Statement

ASA AZ1400 in Serbia

"We have recently purchased the 1.40 m telescope „Milankovic“ from the ASA company. The telescope was installed in May 2016 at our Astronomical Station Vidjevica and only a few days later we have been convinced that both the tracking and image quality are excellent, as evidenced by the first light exposures. The very short commission time between installation and final acceptance showed the advantage of the test setup in Austria at ASA where the complete telescope had been successfully sky tested by ASA and our team. The transport of the telescope to the top of the mountain Vidojevica and the installation were finished within 48 hours.

We were able to demonstrate, that our Astonomical Sation Vidojevica frequently allows FWHM values of <1” if equipped with the right telescope. During the commission phase, we could also verify the exceptional tracking quality of the telescope and could measure 0.35 arcsec RMS tracking error during 20 minutes blind guiding.

Below is one of the first light images with FWHM well below 1”.

One additional advantage of the telescope is the fast switching between the 2 Nasmyth foci. This allows us to have the spectrograph installed on one side and the CCD camera on the other side, and to switch between the 2 positions in less than 30 seconds. We are very happy with our decision to select ASA as our partner and are very satisfied with the perfect work they have done both on mechanics as well as on the optical quality of the 1.40 m telescope that we purchased from them."

Dr. Gojko Djurasevic
Director of the Astonomical Observatory of Belgrad, 21 February 2018

seeing is believing.