ASA AZ800 Ritchey-Chrétien optics

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from €219,000 (net ex works)
delivered in 6 months


Ritchey-Chrétien Alt-Az telescope f6.85 f2.5 with Nasmyth focus

Direct Drive motors with absolute encoders on all axes

Because size matters

Think Big. We did.



ASA Specials


The ASA Derotator (optional) accurately corrects the image field rotation of AltAz mounted telescopes.


ASA Telescopes are equipped with quartz glass optics from ASA (L/8 wavefront Peak to Valley). This makes us to one of the few manufacturers which achieve the surface quality required for diffraction limited performance under best seeing conditions. Read more

Main Data  
Focal length 5480 mm
Focal ratio f6.85
Optical diameter >= 800 mm
Field of View 70 mm
Mirror material Fused Silica (quartz), ultra low thermal expansion 0.55e-6/°C
Software ASA Software, Windows package and Linux SDK (optional)
System Performance  
Pointing accuracy < 8” RMS with pointing model (for altitude 20° to 85°)
Tracking accuracy < 0,25” RMS within 5 minutes (at optimal ambient and sky conditions) over 5 min 0,05” RMS/min
Slewing speed 6°/sec (up to 10°/sec optional)
5480 mm Focal length
f6.85 Focal ratio
>= 800 mm Optical diameter

Basic Equipment

  • ASA AZ800 telescope including fork mount and telescope with ASA optics
  • Telescope electronics rack including all power supplies for telescope, IP-remote power switch, Ethernet switch
  • All tools necessary for telescope installation
  • Laser for optical collimation

Optional Equipment

  • ASA ADR 160 - Derotators
  • ASA filter wheel for 4x 100 x 100 mm filters
  • Customer specific camera adapter
  • Correctors: Field Flattener, Reducers
  • ASA-UPS (uninterruptable power supply)
  • Main mirror cover


ASA AZ800 installation at China

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ASA AZ800 Generation 2018

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Observatory Zeutschach

ASA AZ800 in Austria

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