ASA OGS600 the new optical ground station!

New generation

The new generation of fully robotic, optical ground stations is a dome design specially developed as integrated system, for multi-functional use in optical communications (laser and quantum communications) as well as space debris observations and laser ranging of artificial space objects.

Egon Döberl, ASA CEO

“This week I have a very special job at the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, the largest space event in Europe. The presentation of a world’s first – The ASA Optical Ground Station (OGS) A full robotic ASA telescope housed in the newly developed “dome” it can optically communicate with satellites using laser technology and measure the distance to the satellites with millimetre precision.

This technology is necessary for e.g. GPS satellite networks like Galileo to guarantee the needed GPS accuracy, or transfer data absolute eavesdropping proof worldwide. It is nice to be part of such an interesting project. For me, a dream has come true again. Many thanks to my family and my ASA team.”

Egon Döberl, ASA CEO

ASA OGS600 Benefits

  • 24/7 day and night operation
  • Straylight proof system
  • Closed unit with optical window
  • Heavy weather tested
  • Airconditioned
  • Industrial design
  • Available in two sizes

ASA In-house production

The competent partner that provides you with the whole package – ASA, guarantees the highest standard! Interferometric metrology, CNC machining, meter class optics, light weight mirrors, telescope systems, ground stations, assembly, factory testing and commissioning, everything is done by ASA itself.

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