13m dome moved with ASA Software first time

The dome, which was designed by ASA Astrosysteme, is presently under construction by Gambato in Italy. After three months of construction, it has now been operationalized for the first time utilizing the ASA software control system. The electrical system for powering the motors and managing the dome is built and supplied by ASA Astrosysteme.

A crane is slated for direct installation within the dome to facilitate assembly work on the telescope, hence the selection of a robust steel construction. The ASA AZ1500, currently housed in the ASA production hall, will find its new residence within the completed dome. The final station of the dome with the telescope will be in Georgia.

ASA In-house production

The competent partner that provides you with the whole package – ASA, guarantees the highest standard! Interferometric metrology, CNC machining, meter class optics, light weight mirrors, telescope systems, ground stations, assembly, factory testing and commissioning, everything is done by ASA itself.

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