ASA H400 f2.4

Lightweight and compact.

Ideal for astronomical widefield imaging and surveys. Fast f-ratio high resolution wide field data of the night sky. This makes the hyperbolic ASA astrograph the instrument of choice for the professional project Super Wasp II, a program searching for Exo-planets, which is supported by eight universities, including the Universities of Geneva, Leicester, Queens Belfast, Warwick and the German Space Agency DLR at Berlin, as well as the Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer project employing an array of H400 hyperbolic astrographs.
400mm f2.4 Hyperbolic Astrograph with 5” corrector and absolute encoder focusing unit.

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ASA H400 f2.4Lightweight and compact.

Main Facts

Optical design
Linear central obstruction
Focal length
Focal ratio system
Clear Aperture / Focal Ratio Primary Mirror
400mm (15.7 inch) / f3
Image field
70mm (4.2 degrees)
Mirror material
Fused silica
Surface quality
>94 strehl
1nm RMS / <0.7nm Ra
Al+SiO2 >96 %
Back Focus from the flange
57kg / 126lbs

RC & CDK Comparison

In our comparison, we compare our corrected RC to a CDK (corrected Dall-Kirkham):

1. The ASA RC primary mirrors are faster than a CDK and therefore the OTA is significantly shorter.
2. The CDK design requires a larger secondary for a given aperture (RC offers higher contrast).
3. ASA’s design is more versatile than the CDK where the corrective optics must be used.

Technical Details

01 Electronics

Our closed loop direct drive systems, sensor technology and observatory safety modules play a major role in achieving optimum results. All moving accessory components are equipped with high-resolution encoders and closed-loop feedback systems. We provide event timer modules, and customer updatable firmware.

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02 Optic

Only the best for your telescope!

We believe that the most important part in producing optics is the testing. So ASA decided that we invest in the best test equipment available, remove any measuring error as good as possible and use real values in our specifications.

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03 Technology

Our mounts are manufactured with the lastest CNC technology.

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04 Software

Platform independent control software.

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