ASA H400 a big telescope on DDM500 mount

ASA telescope at Australia

ASA H400 a big 400mm telescope on ASA DDM500 mount, made up of two identical arrays on opposite sides of the planet, will track down sources of gravitational waves.

The Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer (GOTO), led by the University of Warwick, will use the ASA H400 to help shepherd in a new era of gravitational wave science.



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ASA telescope at Australia

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ASA H400 f2.4

Lightweight and compact with 0.4m aperture

  • Optical design: Hyperbolic
  • Linear central obstruction: 45%
  • Focal length: 960mm
  • Focal ratio system: f2.4
  • Clear Aperture / Focal Ratio Primary Mirror: 400mm (15.7 inch) / f3
  • Image field: 70mm (4.2 degrees)
  • Mirror material: Fused silica
  • Surface quality: >94 strehl
  • Microroughness: 1nm RMS / <0.7nm Ra
  • Coating: Al+SiO2 >96 %
  • Back Focus from flange: 91.56mm
  • Weight tube: 57kg / 126lbs
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