OGS Installing Graz


The ASA OGS has landed in Graz (Austria) on the ÖAW building. After 80 min the AZ800 f6 RC and dome have been ready to work.

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This OGS was the result of an design process

between the customer (IQOQI) and ASA.

The requirements include a mobile usage and a transportation with an helicopter. The result was the ASA OGS 800. It fits into a 20ft (6m) container. The realizations of this project we uas a baseline for the ASAEYE.

  • Inside a ASA AZ800 for QKD
  • Special optic design AZ800 f6, main mirror f2
  • Mobile solution for QKD terminal with adaptive optics(AO)
  • Test station for Satellite laser ranging SLR (ÖAW-IWF Graz)

Products in use

ASA AZ800 f6.85

A high-end complete telescope system with 0.8m aperture

  • Optical design: Ritchey-Chrétien RC
  • Linear central obstruction: 41%
  • Focus position: Nasmyth 2 as standard, 4 as option
  • Focal length: 5480mm
  • Focal ratio system: f6.85
  • Clear Aperture / Focal Ratio Primary Mirror: 800mm (31,5 inch) / f2.5
  • Image field: 120mm (1.25 degrees)
  • Mirror material: Fused silica
  • Surface quality: >94 strehl
  • Microroughness: 1nm RMS / <0.7nm Ra
  • Coating: Al+SiO2 >96 %
  • Back Focus from flange: 252.7mm
  • Weight tube: 800 kg (1763.7 lbs)
  • Azimuth / altitude range of motion: 680 degree / 5-90 degree
  • Software: ASA API (application programming interface) available autumn 2024 ASA Software(Autoslew, Sequence-windows based, ACC) with ASCOM-Alpaca
  • Max. slew speeds: Up to 50 degrees per second
  • Pointing Accuracy (20° to 85°): <8” RMS with pointing model
  • Tracking Accuracy (20° to 85°): <0,25” RMS within 5 minutes tracking time over 5 min 0,05” RMS/min
  • System Natural Frequency: 10 Hz or greater
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