Space Center Germany

ASA400 on DDM85 in Uedem

Space center in Germany observes space debries

Thanks to the ASA400 telescope with ASA DDM85, the space center (WRLageZ) in Uedem, Germany can detect possible collisions of space debris and satellites at an early stage. This should enable timely countermeasures.

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Space center in Germany observes space debries

ASA400 on DDM85 in Uedem

Products in use

ASA RC600_1

0.6m Ritchey-Chrétien, polar wedge and DDM100 Direct Drive mount

  • Optical design: Ritchey-Chrétien RC
  • Linear central obstruction: 40%
  • Focal length: 4200mm
  • Focal ratio system: f7
  • Clear Aperture / Focal Ratio Primary Mirror: 600mm (23.6 inch) / f2.5
  • Image field: 100mm (1.36 degrees)
  • Mirror material: Fused silica
  • Back Focus from flange: 210.38mm
  • Weight tube: 105kg (231lbs)
  • Motor: ASA Direct Drive
  • Latitude Range: 0 to 90 degrees
  • Weight mount (without counterweight): 56kg (123lbs)
  • Software: ASA API (application programming interface) available autumn 2024 ASA Software(Autoslew, Sequence-windows based, ACC) with ASCOM-Alpaca
  • Max. slew speeds: Up to 50 degrees per second
  • Pointing Accuracy (20° to 85°): <8” RMS with pointing model and ASA telescope
  • Tracking Accuracy (20° to 85°): <0,25” RMS within 5 minutes tracking time over 5 min 0,05” RMS/min
  • System Natural Frequency: 10 Hz or greater
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