ASA Optics

Only the best for your telescope!

We believe that the most important part in producing optics is the testing. So ASA decided that we invest in the best test equipment available, remove any measuring error as good as possible and use real values in our specifications.

1 m optics can be produced in less than 3 months from order to delivery, we welcome your inquiry. Lenses can be made from all materials available in the Schott or CDGM glass catalogue.


The 800mm mirror with f2.5 has been produced at the ASA optical factory and measured with a CGH and our 4D Phasecam 4020.
We are currently running a serial production with an output of one mirror every 3 weeks.







The 1000mm f1.8 mirror was produced on the UPG2000 and measured with a CGH.
Pixel sampling was 1.67 mm.
Wavefront RMS is 23 nm, PV is 113 nm. This was appr. 2x better than demanded by the customer.

ASA optics -
everything manufactured in house

We decided to invest in our own optical production and the optics we produce are far better than anything we have obtained so far.

Our CNC based state of the art polishing techniques allow us to correct surface errors like astigmatism to perfection. We are also able to produce any free form surfaces like off-axis parabola and even more complicated shapes.


We have specialized in aspherical optics in sizes > 300mm for

  • Astronomical telescopes
  • Lidar System
  • Telescopes for Laser Communication
  • Wide Field Telescopes for Space Surveillance
  • Off-Axis mirrors (Laser Beam Focusing, Spectroscopy, Beam Expanders)
  • Collimators
  • On-Axis Parabolic mirrors (convex and concave)
  • On-Axis Hyperbolic mirrors (convex and concave)
  • Ellipsoids
  • Flats

RC the best!

Comparison RC against CDK

seeing is believing.